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    Default Find/Replace the level on Room/Door numbers

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    I have a project where the architect used a typical plan for floors 4-7. The equipment I provide will be different on each of these floors, so I'll need to cread correct room and door numbers for each floor.
    I tried to use Find/Replace with wild cards, (I.E. U404 / U504), but a couple problems came up.

    If I try just (4 / 5) I would have the U404 replaced with U505.

    If I use a wild card. (U4## /U5##) I end up with # in my replaced number.

    To complicate things, Unit numbers start with "U", Strairs start with "S" and other common areas have no letter as prefix.

    The only compromise I can think of is to replace all the 4 with 5 then go back and manually edit the 4 or so per floor that change too much.

    Anyone with other ideas?

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    You need a find / replace text that takes into account a prefix, change 4 to 5 but ignore U4 at at start, not sure if Lee mac's replace has a prefix / suffix option.

    I have nothing at hand you would get the text check prefix matches then search rest of string and change number.

    Found a nice function for "U404" (setq newstr (vl-string-left-trim "U4" ans)) so this returns "04" then do a replace 4 with new number join the strings result "U405".

    Need a sample dwg with some before after examples.
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