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    Default Old Plotter driver problems, a challenge

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    I have an old HP 750C+ plotter I have been able to successfully load a driver on my Windows 7 64 bit computer and have plotted form it. I recently had some changes made to my computer and now cannot seem to install the plotter again. I can create PDF's and plot them with the plotter so I know windows is recognizing the plotter but auto cad will not. When i use the add-a- plotter wizard in auto cad ultimately it will ask me for a saved pcp or pc2 file or select plot to a port which is set up. My question is where can I find these files (PCP, or PC2) or is there another way to set up the plotter so I can plot through Auto Cad. I also know that I have to disable the windows driver signature upon system start up which I have done.

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    If pdf's are plotting then there must be a system printer driver, this should just appear in your available printers list top left when type PLOT. Maybe even "windows system printer" make sure 750C is default. No need to run "Add".
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