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    Default Vault 2018 layer values reset when renaming Xrefs through vault

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    Hi Guys I had an issue with Vault 2018 (RTM) | Build that i wanted to make people aware of.
    So I renamed Xrefs for some drawings. So I renamed Xrefs
    I did this though the rename wizard in vault. This worked without issue.
    But when I went to work in the drawing all the Xref layer setting had reset to match xref. Same as if VISRETAIN was set to 0 and you reloaded.
    After some consulting a forum I discover this was a known Issue with Vault 2018 and had be fixed in Vault Version 2018.2 | Build
    I am currently using Version Vault 2018 (RTM) | Build

    The solution is to get the latest version of Vault. but i am unable to do this at this time.
    So I came up with a work around

    So basically i discovered that the rename actually take place as you do a get on the drawings. So you can be quick and get the file before it rename/repaths the xrefs in the drawing.

    First you need to prepare a .bat file that loops like crazy
    @echo off
    robocopy "drawing folder not xref folder" "copy folder" /XA:R /w:1 /r:1 /MINAGE:1
    REM pause
    goto start
    This will give you the files before they are renamed in the copy folder
    You then can rename/repath the old fashioned way.
    I used this lisp
    (defun XrefRenameAndRepath (OldName NewPath NewName /)
    (if (ssget "X" (list
    			  (cons 0 "INSERT")
    			  (cons 2 OldName)
    (command "-XREF" "P" OldName (STRCAT NewPath NewName))
    (command "-RENAME" "B" OldName NewName)
    ;(command "-XREF" "R" OldName)
    (princ (strcat "\n" OldName " not found"))
    ) ;if
    ) ;XrefRenameAndRepath
    (princ "\nsubFunction Rename all and repath Xref loaded: (XrefRenameAndRepath) ")(princ)
    This code to batch on all drawings as a script or lisp
    (XREFRENAMEANDREPATH oldName newNath newname)
    Then checkout the drawings replace them with the copys and Checkin.

    Just a quick write up of a challenging problem for me. Would love to here if anyone else is having the same problem
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