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    Default Global versus local

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    Not sure if this is the right place to post but looking for some opinions.

    We're a big company with many branches around the world. For the last number of years each branch has been producing their own local versions of certain drawings and documents. So we draw/write drawings/documents that comply to Australian standards and the Canadian branch for example will have their own version, etc. The bulk of the info is the same but some info may differ.

    Head office are now trying to come up with one set of documents that should suit all standards around the world. There is lots of discussion on whether this is in fact possible or if they should just produce a base that the local branches then use to produce their local version.

    So my question is, is it common practice for global companies to have many local versions of a document or should they all use the same one and live with it not being exactly right for their customers?

    Thanks. And if anyone knows of a better place to post this please let me know.

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    I think you will find little hidden variables in say our AS standards, V's British stds, Canadian etc. Stuff like a floor load we have say 1.5Kn v's 1.4 v's 1.6 which do you use ? Also a UB250-25 may not be available in Canada, very small differences but with computerisation of designs they have now way more decimal points and higher stress's.

    But swapping menu's in and out say via workspace is very easy. Just have a AUS workspace and a Canadian one.

    It may be worthwhile looking at strict menu use ie you can only draw what we have available stuff like "line" no longer exists. Multi million dollar overhaul of a worldwide brand was done this way in Australia using a strict menu system with objects predefined, around 500+ sites involved.
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