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    Default New to Parametric settings question

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    Hello everyone,

    I am new to the parametrics concept, I used to draw only 2d basic stuff.
    I have been asked to make a drawing from a PDF sketch as follows: " i need ALL plans as Parametric / Autocad Architecture"

    I don´t know exactly what is meant by "parametric" if someone out there could guide me please, thanks so much!


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    Autocad architecture was the pre version of REVIT using parametrics, so parametric may be referring to say a door has 2 variables a height and width. Two parametrics, change the value the door changes. You need to go back and clarify with who is asking a big task if starting form scratch.
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    A parameter can be just about anything you want it to be, you just need to define it, or them.
    Color, Height, Width, Weight & Handing (meaning Left or Right), are a few examples.

    In Parametric work, there are preconditions (Parameters) applied, wherever they might be helpful or needed, which constrain the relationships between different elements in the design. Perhaps Circles need to maintain Concentricity, or a given distance between centers, which might be triggered by the Radii of the Circles.

    It is very interesting, and a bit of a rabbit hole/slippery slope, as it is so powerful.
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