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    Default IFC open vs. linking

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    If I understand things correctly the ability to link an IFC-file only came around a few years back. Until then you had to open the IFC-file and have Revit generate an rvt-file from it which you then linked to your model (correct me if I'm wrong). So far linking the IFC directly has given me more issues than the "old" way, but I might not be doing it right yet. I would just like to hear peoples opinion on the pros and cons of each - and what method most people prefer. Thank you
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    IFC linking does not exist, just like DWG linking does not what you think it does. All it does is convert it to rvt in the background, behind the scenes. The 'ifc' You 'linked' is a rvt with the same name in your project folder. You can open and adjust the rvt like you would do it manually. IFC is hard to work with, even harder to work with that Revit. If your business is geometry i would stick to dwg any day of the week. Export your rvt amd ifc models to 3d dwg to begin with. My humble cent.
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