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    Default Internet courses?

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    I am currently going thur a course online @ penn foster college. was wondering if anyone else has used an online course to get an education like this?
    Sometime i do not think it is the smartest thing i have done but do not have time to sit in a class.
    Any advise out there?

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    I took an eight week online course through Murray State University's CAD Institute. The price was reasonable. The "textbook" turned out to have been massed produced on a copying machine and spiral bound. It had a great many typos in it. Contact with the professor and my classmates from around the world was via the Internet. The course was "self-paced". I finished in about four weeks. The "hoemwork" consisted of answering ten questions per chapter and producing three or four drawings. Nothing really that difficult. It was generally a good experience but I got more out of a CAD course I took at a local community college. The instructor really piled on the "homework" and our final project was a killer. It pushed me more than any other course I've taken in a long time.
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    Thank you very much. i the only problem i have with taking a course at a college is there is not a college close to me. i would have to drive about 2.5 hours to take this course. I make good grades doing it this way but i would like some hands on training. At my job they really do not have anybody doing this here. That is why i would like to get this degree. I also really like doing thsi kind of stuff
    Thanks again for the info

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