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    Default copy option inconsistent

    Will someone please tell me why after a sketch entity is made and I want to duplicate it maybe several times along a row, that a right click in the drawing area does not always offer the option of copy or move entities? Is there a particular mode that I need to be in?
    Also, the help files state that an array tool is available, which I find invaluable in Autocad, can someone give me a clue as to how to activate the tool in solidworks? I am using Solidworks 2007 if it makes a difference.
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    OK, I have figured out that there is no "Array" tool in Solidworks,as such, certainly not one like that which is in Autocad, even though the word is mentioned in the help files as such. The writers of the help file use the word generically, and the tools that do the arraying, (if there is such a word) are Linear and Circular pattern, which are used to "array" features, such as extrusions, and not sketches.
    That being said, what I need most to learn is the copy and move command. The help files are as always very general, and not written, (I don't believe) to help one fine tune the tools. If someone could clue me in on the secret to copying a sketch many times along a straight line to accurate dimensions, I would be most grateful. It seems that the X and Y directions cause the sketch to jump off direction and distort the shape of the sketch along with it, even though I entered a small amount of move, say .005".
    I really would appreciate any information on these tools that I could get. If there exists a tutorial on this anywhere, I would appreciate knowing where I could get it.
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    Default Array (Pattern) tools for Sketch entities

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    The array (Pattern) tools (Linear, Circular) are kept in…..Tools (Menu) > Sketch tools > Linear Pattern (or) Circular Pattern. We can access them only if a sketch is active. The tool buttons are also kept in sketch tool bar. If the tool buttons are not available we can make them added with the sketch tool bar By….. Tools (Menu) > Customize > Commands > Sketch > Buttons > dragging and dropping the required tool button to Sketch tool Bar.

    We can only array (pattern) the entities (Line, Arc, etc.,) of a sketch, with in the same sketch. We can’t pattern a whole sketch.

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