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Thread: Wide line

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    Default Wide line

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    some time ago I had a Toolbar button that would allow me to pick a LINE, Change it to a polyline and change it to a set width.

    Something like this; (Command: pedit "y" "w" "0.5")

    but this don't work. Can anyone help? A lisp routine might also work.


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    here, this is a real simple routine i use to quickly join plines, lines, arcs.
    i modified it to set the width instead of joining. you can change the title, and whatever else you don't like.
    ;join multiple lines/arcs 
    ;created: alan thompson, 4.23.08 
    ;modified: alan thompson, 5.13.08 (localized variables to stop being so sloppy) 
    (defun c:mj(/ lines) 
    (princ "\nSelect lines & arcs to JOIN: ") 
    (setq lines (ssget '((0 . "*LINE,ARC")))) 
    (if lines 
    (equal (getvar 'peditaccept) 1) 
    (command "pedit" "m" lines "" "w" "0.5" "") 
    (command "pedit" "m" lines "" "y" "w" "0.5" "") 
    (alert (strcat "\nHey " (getvar "loginname") " it helps if you actually select something to work with!")) 

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