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    Default Changing font in table cells Vanilla ACAD 09

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    I'm looking to change the font in a couple hundred cells in a table. The table was created via Office 2007 and when I edit any cell in 2007, even if I save back to an older version, I can't "Paste Special" the text into AutoCad without the text assuming the properties it had in Excel.

    If I type in a cell in that file with Office 2003, the cells I edited come in without the font override to Arial or White color...if I do the same thing in Office 2007, I can't get rid of the font and text color unless I do it on a cell-by-cell basis.

    Also, in the example file I attached, if I copy the range A3:I9, the top rows come in with different merge settings and formats versus the range A1:I9. Try it and see if it's just our machines here, or if I'm on to something.

    Any suggestions? I'll attach a zip file with an example spreadsheet in it for your perusal.

    Thanks in advance,
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