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Thread: Data Linking

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    Default Data Linking

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    I am trying to link a table generated from attributes to an external excel file. It is linked fine and I have the ability to open the linked table from Autocad, but when I try to update the table by selecting "Write Data Links to an External Source", I get an error message in the command line stating:

    1 object(s) found.
    1 data link(s) do not allow their data to be written out.
    0 data link(s) written out successfully.

    I have gone into the Data Link Manager and have the checkbox checked that sais: "Allow writing to source file". Autodesk's tech support states that when this checkbox is checked it will fix the aforementioned error message and actually update the excel file, but it isn't working.

    Am I leaving out a step? I assume that since I am able to open up the external Excel file from AutoCAD, that it is correctly linked, so why won't the Excel file update from changes made to the attributes that the table is showing?

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    Default Data Linking

    What I am trying to do is link an excel spreadsheet to the attributes in a drawing so that when the drawing is updated, the spreadsheet updates, and vice versa. Am I even approaching this correctly?

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    Did you try using the Table Creation dialog box?
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    Yes, but is it absolutely necessary to create a table if I am just extracting from attributes in the drawing to an external source? When I create a table that extracts the attributes it just refers me to the data extraction anyway. I create the table from the data extraction manager and export it to an excel file which opens from Autocad, so I know that it is linked, I'm just not sure why it won't update.

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