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    Default Creating New CUI Menu

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    Another department has provided me with a CUI file and when I MENULOAD it I have a nice new menu item at the top which is very usful. The way it has been set up is when you select the item it will Automatically put that item in the correct layer in the drawing for you to start drawing if you get me? Hopefully the pics will explain it better.

    Now what I want to do it make my own based on theirs. How would I do that?
    Basically I want a CUI with one menu and when you click on that a few other menus come up and so on?

    I have tried but I cant work it out.

    Many thanks in advance.

    The first pic is how it looks in the CUI interface and the second is how it looks in the drawing. In the second one I can just select what I want to draw and it will put up the correct layer for me so I dont have to keep trying them from scratch.

    I have tried setting a new menu from scratch and it looks similar to the one I am trying to copy but when I get to the point of putting in the properties of the Blue star it come sup general and there is no where for me to put in a macro etc.
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