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    Default LISP to define attributes from CSV

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    I've currently got 2 scripts which can define attribute in a block from a CSV file. INSBLK2 and ATT-TABLE-UPDATE by Tony Hotchkiss are both very good, but I need to combine the features of the two.

    INSBLK2 populates attribute fields in order, and can take blocks from an external library, while ATT-TABLE-UPDATE poplates existing blocks by tag name. It's important, for the large variety of blocks to be used, that fields are populated by tag name. The external library is also a necessary feature.

    So far I haven't got ATT-TABLE-UPDATE to work. An error with 'DYNPICOORDS' prevented the script from starting in AutoCAD 2002, but it seems safe to remove the reference. The script still does not work though - in 2002 or 2009. It may be something to do with the 'floor' references. I haven't worked out what these are yet, though it would make sense if they were a constant attribute.

    Can anyone help with this?

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