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    Default Autocad LT 2009: X-ref layer states / Layer states manager

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    Hello everyone,

    I saw a thread with a similar problem but since I'm not using the same version of Autocad as the OP, I thought I'd start a new thread about it. I was formerly working with Autocad 2006 and had never experienced that problem before. Now I switched to 2009(LT) and have been having layer state troubles with my x-refs from day one (So frustrating!).

    Basically, I have this drawing with lots of inserted x-refs in it. Each reference contains dozens of layers that need to be turned off for my page setups in the layout tabs (that makes a LOT of layers in total).

    The problem I have is that every time I save the drawing and exit, all the layers will be turned on again when I re-open the drawing. This did not happen in previous Autocad versions.

    I was getting really frustrated and I contacted autodesk for support about this issue. The support tech kindly showed me this new feature in 2009: The layer states manager. Basically what you do is freeze or unfreeze layers and then save it as a layer state.

    I cannot for the life of me get this layer states manager to work properly with the layers of external references. Everytime I try to save a layer state, it remains with an 'unsaved' status in the wizzard, even if I click on the 'save layer state' button. I make a new layer state, name it, and check all the layers with the edit feature. Then when I exit the wizzard, save the drawing and then open it again, sure enough all the layers are turned on again. So naturally I got to my layer states manager to turn on my layer state with all the frozen layers. The problem: Suddenly this layer state lists only the layers of the current drawing and not the hundreds of layers contained in the x-refs. Where did they go?

    I'm having a lot of trouble with this layer states manager, and I can't get it to work properly as soon as X-refs are involved.

    Has anybody figured out how to use it? I went over the help section about the layer states manager, but I still can't figure it out. >.<

    *Is very annoyed*

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can provide answers!

    **EDIT: I tried the 'visretain' command that was mentioned in the other thread. Seems to have worked for now, I freeze my layers and they remained frozen when I open my drawing again. I'm still clueless about the layer states manager though. How does one turn on//off saved layer states? There's not one thing I understand about that damn wizzard. *Feels dumb ^^;* If anyone can point me towards a tutorial or maybe some explanations of the various options in the wizzard, it would be greatly appreciated.
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