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    Default Erase objects outside of boundary ( polyline )

    Can someone let me know if there is a utility to quickly erase objects outside of a boundary line or polyline ' box ' . I have a drawing with the boundary and a standard perforating pattern comprised of small circles in a stagger pattern and I need to erase all of the circles outside of the ' box '... and keep them as full circles, not just trim them. The alternative method would be to fill this pattern inside of the box, similar to a hatch, but I need to use true circles and maintain them as full circles. I can supply a drawing if needed to explain the layout. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    You could do a quickselect of all the circles and just deselect the circles inside your boundary then delete. as of a utility, im not aware of any that could do specifically what you ask,,, only a process like the one ive mentioned.
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    You can use a poly line as a "fence" command when doing a "erase" I did right the code in lisp to do want you wanted it was a simple polyline pick. It is about the only piece of code I dont have anymore.

    Basicaly you keep offseting the poly line say 1/2 dia of circle and erasing say do it 20 times and then ask if more required repeat another 20 times.I will have another search again.

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    As another alternative have you looked at using this drawing as an XREF? You could then use XCLIP to define your boundary to view just the part of the drawing that you want. This has the added bonus of not actually erasing the objects outside the boundary if you need them back at some stage. It will just remove them from the view.

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