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    Quote Originally Posted by darn-net View Post
    What command is shown on command line when you run this "Rescale Blocks/Text"?
    No command shows up. I can't find a command input for it.
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    Thank you to everyone. This is a great and very helpful forum.

    Quote Originally Posted by darn-net View Post
    5.Erase all except one. Change object size. Re-array the object.
    This is what I did. It fits in with my current skill level, just above zero. Thanks to everyone for pointing the way. I will next learn about blocks as that seems very promising from the view point of my begining familiarity.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jaelin View Post
    If they are blocks:

    In Civil 3D Land Desktop Companion 2009 I have a command under my Utilities/Edit Menu that is Rescale Blocks/Text. This command scales everything in place by a certain scale factor. I'm just not sure if this a standard AutoCAD command or a LDC command. I'm thinking it may be a LDC command only but not sure. This command is what I use to scale my blocks or text.
    I don't know what "Civil 3D Land Desktop Companion 2009" is. But it sounds promising. After teaching myself Blocks, I will refer back to this.
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    Default wish I knew

    Quote Originally Posted by Sudan View Post
    Newbie here, I'm making a ceramic floor tile design.

    Thanks to people on this forum I can perform the scale command on a single object. I now want to scale multiple objects all at once.

    My drawing is a chess board, simple grid of 1" squares on layer "CHESS".

    At every intersection of each four squares, where their corners meet up, i.e., the lines cross, I have one small decorative hexagon of 1/4" on the side. The center of each of these small 1/4" hexagons is exactly on the intersections of the big 1" squares. All and only these small decorative hexagons are on their own layer "HEXA".

    I want to scale the small decorative hexagons from 1/4" on the side down to 1/8" on the side. I was able to QSELECT all the objects in layer HEXA. I was then able to scale down all at once to the correctly desired new size of 1/8" on the side

    BUT! (you knew this was coming) The centers of each hexagon moved. Each moved closer to the particular hexagon object that I performed the SCALE command on. It was as if the position of the selected hexagons got scaled too.

    I know I can perform SCALE command on each object by itself and get to where I want to be. I just want to know if I can do this on multiple selected objects at once and have the scaled objects maintain their center point after scaled.

    Thank you.
    I have one that will let you select a block. then you can either scale all blocks in the drawing in place, or highlight a part of the drawing without isolating and it will scale only that block you want.


    without it being a block, this lisp routine would somehow have to determine the center point of all the objects you selected. I just don't see that happening. I pray that someone is smart enough to make this, because I have needed it a few times. Always remember to make blocks!

    I have been burned a few times by not doing so!
    I thank all of you who take time out of your life to help me. I hope this is not asking to much of those who do help, but could you give detailed instructions because I know only the basics. -Thanks a million

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    To fix this, I edited the block and moved the center of the block to 0,0. Originally the first attribute (of 4) was at 0,0. Then when I scaled them from 192 to 96 they were all in the right place.

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    Another method delete all items except 1 at bottom left, rescale then just use ARRAY all done no need for a lisp.
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