I'm going to buy a laptop soon and want one that can run autocad 2009. I had one picked out, but then i got a few disturbing google hits on compatibility. The problems lie with vista and directx 10.

First off, i read on another forum that someone was trying to run 2009 on a new laptop that had directx 10 installed and 2009 kept demanding directx 9. This person was unable to downgrade to directx 9 for some reason (vista thing prolly). Id suspect by now there is a patch or workaround for this since its been several months. Still id feel better if someone that has a new laptop, running vista and directx10 could tell me "Hey, no worries, works like a charm"

Secondly, autocad 2009 has a requirement that when running vista desktop res must be at least 1280 X 1024. The laptop only has 1280 X 800. I figure this is more of a recommendation than a requirement. But it would be nice if someone could confirm this for me too.

thank you