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    Default ADT 2007 trim walls with roofs

    trying to remember how to trim wall to roofs or extend wall to roofs. nothing seems to work on project/edge command.

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    right click while having walls selected, choose roof/floor line, you have several options, top of wall, bottom of wall and edit in place. If you choose roof, then to Automatically have it extend, choose A and then select the roof items. It should extend them up.

    This is using items that I know were in the 08 release, I am not positive if 07 had this option at this specific location though.

    This does work through Xrefs

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    I'm using 2009. The commands there are ROOFLINE or FLOORLINE, and can also be reached by selecting the wall, then right clicking to bring up the menu, there is a submenu for roofline/floorline.

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