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    Default Data Extraction ?? Help??

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    I am using AutoCad 2008.
    I have just began experimenting in Data Extraction and I have a few questions.
    1) When I export to an Excel Spreadsheet all my numbers come through with ' before them?? why is this?

    2) Is there a way to import this data into a template exel spreadsheet and have it put the data into the correct cells.?

    Basically I am extracting data from a block that contains qty's, feet and inches among a few other tidbits of information like a mark and location.

    If you can over any insight or tips/tricks to this data extraction I would be really greatful
    Thanks Guys you are wonderful as always..

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    Sorry WCCSAM,

    I've no clue on your problem, but am intrested in the answer if any. I extract info from attributes all the time and have no idea how to set up a template, if possible at all.



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