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    Hi Guys,

    I know lot of thread here was been posted for so long and im trying to seacrh it before i make this new question( i guest old question). I know we know that we can do threading generally using sweep, helix or coil it depends what were using (autocad or inentor) but my question is? Is there asoftware/program that are only use for making threads ??? we gona just input the data (pitch, angle, dept, TPI and LG and diameter) then it will generate by itself???? like in the mechanical desktop when we try to don fasteners, springs etc...

    specially NPT thread its hard to do it coz it has angles. I can make general thread using sweep but if in case i want it in a standard like NPT is there any program/software i can use??? or techniques( provided it will create standard threads) that can be used???

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    A common practice in engineering is only to create the threads when you absolutely need to such as clarification or you yourself make the thread cuts in your shop. Otherwise the generally accepted principal falls on the thread notes and not actual geometry. If you start doing this extensively in Inventor or AutoCAD you will bog down your graphics card and make only pain for yourself as the computer will have to calculate every face and edge that are not really needed. Inventor actually has NPT thread styles did you know that?

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