For my job, we use two kind of weight for all assembly / component : the weight of steel and the weight of mechanical component ( ex: motor, bearing, reducer..). We making a parametric model of our machine: read info from excel ( parameter of dimension, quantity, component ) to change the '' 3d-model", afterthat, update the IDW ( plan to assembly the machine, + dxf file to cut/bend steel with other program.

Now we starting making our desing with Inventor. I search the best way to have this two weight for all our drawing ( component, sub-assembly, assembly.) We have lot off our componenet with IPART / IASSEMBLY.

I think to make 2 user parameters is a good idea, but i don't know how to write the equations. For the weight of mechanical , i put the weight of the component in the TABLE, but i don't know how to add it in the assembly ( assembly weight = weight of all is component). For the steel weight, i have 2 situations : weight of componenent ( ex :steel plate, home made shaft..) and weight of assembly.

I starting making some VBA program to modify and extract some informations from our .IDW file, so, if VBA is the best sotution for my application, I'm ready to check that way too.