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    Default 'Can't seem to get dim text size to change...

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    Greetings. First post this forum and it could save my job if I can get help tonight... no joke.

    After a long drought of no work I've taken a very short contract with a lumber yard servicing high end residential and large building contractors. I'm the only person now doing any cad in this department and have no network admin for support. That's the easy part.

    The hard part is the dimensioning I placed in a drawing yesterday now does not want to update with changes to the dim style settings. (Using '06)

    I'm doing all the dimensions in MS at the moment on drawing elements placed 1:1. I noticed the problem late this afternoon as I changed some dimensions via grip manipulation. As soon as I moved the defpoint location or adjusted a dim line offset, the dim text shrunk down to aprox 1/4 the size of the other dimension text not yet manipulated. This type of change/modification had no affect on text hight yesterday.

    As I recall, I had set my text hight to 3/4"... other specific settings are fuzzy. As a point of interest the text, as placed, measures about 3 1/2" as a 1:1 entity. My hope is to get this down to around a mesured 2" or so.

    I'm going in early tomorrow to attack this manually if need be but it's a poor solution to this problem. Although being away from Acad for two years and having last used '05 extensively, I don't recall this type of behaviour. Is it '06 related?

    First thing I'm going to hope for in the morning is that closing and opening the app will clear the bugs out in time to effect last minute changes before my supervisor meets with the contractor... who needs this info in order to place concrete on Friday.

    Any ideas?


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    It could be that your dimension style has been set up as associated. I have only dabbled with this feature and got myself so confused it os on the list of things to investigate - however I think that came in at 2008, not 2006.

    I do sometimes see this sort of behaviour after somebody (else) has messed around with dimension overrides. Depending on how fully populated the drawing is I either set up the dim style how I want it and start again or use the properties paintbrush making sure I retain one dimension as my source before painting all the shrunk ones.
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    Default The paint brush idea is a great one...

    Thanks Dave for confirming that I wasn't crazy. The paint brush/match/change properties is a method that I "thought" I'd used on Tuesday to change both color/layer etc as well as dim styles. Unfortunately by the time I'd discovered this later problem, this method was no longer working. This now smacks of a major SNAFU.

    I read a piece on the Acad Knowledge Base about changing dimensions via grip manipulation. Seems like this can cause troubles for any version through '08. That suggested keying in DIMEDIT/home to reset dimension compliance to styles.

    I'll have time this morning to re do everything if it comes to that. It's good to know where my path is now, however. I think you saved my job.


    (also) Dave

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    Just a quick note to say that all's well. I first entered DIMEDIT|home then I selected another "close" style that made sense and all the dims returned to acting like they had a clue... on to my next challenge! Thanks

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