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    Default Civil 3D surface elvations analysis

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    I would like to compare two different surfaces by looking to the surface analysis by colors (elevations). I can model the surface with colors by group of elevations choosing:

    " Equal Interval: Divides the data into the specified number of ranges from the minimum value to the maximum. Also known as equal step, this method often over-generalizes the data, with large sets of values in one group while others have a sparse set of values.

    Quantile: Divides the data such that the specified number of ranges contains an equal number of values. Also known as equal count, this method is most appropriate where the data values are linear (equally distributed).

    Standard Deviation:Calculates and divides the data based on how far data values differ from the arithmetic mean. This method is most effective when the data approximates a normal distribution (bell-shaped curve), and because of this curve preference, it is best used with an even number of ranges. Standard deviations are often used to highlight how far above or below a specific value is in relation to the mean value."

    All those ranges consider the minimum and maximum elevation of each surface. In this case I can´t make the same analysis for both surfaces.

    Can I create an analysis using a fixed data range, despite of the minimum and maximum elevation values?

    Range 1 - 100m-125m
    Range 2 - 125m-150m
    Range 3 - 150m - 175 m

    min elevation = 114 m
    max elevation = 162 m


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    The fields are editable ! somethimes things are easier than we think.

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