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    Default Global Block Hatch Edit

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    I need to globally edit hatch patterns on Layer 0 within blocks on a specific layer without exploding or bursting. Can this be done?

    BEDIT will allow me to make my changes, but I'm looking to isolate these changes to blocks only on layer M-HVAC-EXST-DUCT.

    This is a snipit of what I have so far:

    (if (setq ss1 (ssget "_X" '((0 . "SOLID") (8 . "M-HVAC-EXST-DUCT"))))
    (command "_chprop" ss1 "" "Color" 9 "") "regenall")
    (if (setq ss2 (ssget "_X" '((0 . "HATCH") (2 . "SOLID") (8 . "M-HVAC-EXST-DUCT"))))
    (command "_chprop" ss2 "" "Color" 9 "") "regenall")
    This will effect all hatches on Layer M-HVAC-EXST-DUCT, but I need it to effect hatches on Layer 0 that are within blocks on that layer.

    I may be way off base in my approach.
    Any suggestions...
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