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    Default autocad 2010 ltscale

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    Any one else have this problem. at work we have a lisp file, to switch from model to paper space, eg when i type in s100 it goes to paper space and all ltscales are correct, i type in s1 and goes to paper space and everything is correct, dashed lines looked dashed etc etc. i save the drawing and then when i open that drawing up again to print, in paper space none of my previous dashed lnes looked dashed again. so i have to go to model space type in regen go back to paper space, and even sometimes it doesnt change, and have to repeat the process to it looks dashed in paper space, this can get very annoying if i have to print out 100s of drawings, and some times i have forgot to do the above and have sent out drawings with dashed lines appearing as continous etc, not a good look. if anyone can shed some light on this or has a solution, it would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance

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    Msltscale=1 (will display per Cannoscale in the Model tab)
    Psltscale=1 (not global; needs to be set in each Layout tab)
    Ltscale=1 (or your preference)

    See Help for further explanation of these variables

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