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Thread: Grass Hatch

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    Default Grass Hatch

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    AutoCAD 2010 doesn't have a grass hatch (why???), and so far, searching here in the forums and google hasn't turned up anything.

    My questions:
    1. Am I supposed to use a hatch to depict grass in a way similar to: caddetails.com/1997/dwg/065/065-013.gif
    or am I supposed to use some other method?
    2. If it is a hatch, can someone point out where I can dl it? Or should I make my own hatch?

    ~3 years of autocad and I never bothered to figure out this one simple thing

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    Using '05 and/or '07 a grass hatch is listed(?).

    Doesn't this show in 2010 hatch patterns?

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    Hi! I'm posting from Davis, California

    There is a grass pattern, but it's a plan view type, not section

    Some further googling suggests I just draw>copy>paste a bunch of .1mm lines to make grass...I guess it works.

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