I've ran into an interesting problem involving block attributes and field codes.

I created a block with attribute values defined by field codes pointing to specfic custom document properties. When I first created the block, I inserted the field code into the attribute, not specifing a multiple line mode. When I burst the block, the field codes get removed and the block attribute value is left as plain text. HOWEVER, if I specify multiple line mode when creating the attribute in the block editor, when I burst the block the field code remains in tact, properly updating from the document custom properties.

Anyone know a way around this? I don't want the fields to be multiple line because I don't want the text to wrap. I can insert DTEXT and manually copy the field coding into the text field, but then it seems I lose control of the field length. Something I'm missing?

P.S. The application is AutoCAD Mechanical 2009. The fields are populating my Title Blocks from the Custom Document Properties for export to 3rd party PLM software.