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    Default MEP Catalog for other machines

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    I am having success with creating MVParts for Catalogs. I need help being more successful as for the proper layers coming up with the MVPart insertion. What I am saying is, when I created the MVParts, as well as adding typical types of pipe support layer names in the Style Manager. I think i am missing something here, when I was able to publish the new catalog, new name and such, I then zipped the files(all files pertaining to the new catalog) then brought them to another machine, placing all the new folders under C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\MEP 2010\enu\MEPContent\USI\MvParts, which is Autocads default. Problem is the layers are not coming up as I created them in the new layers. Am I to add the "MEP Object - AIA 256 Color" dwg to the zip file as well?
    Is there a etransmit way that will place every file needed for the successful placement on other machines.
    Any answers to these will be greatly appreciated. Keep in mind these catalogs I am creating are part of a software package, and want them to work on other machines using the layers I created. But I did hear that all layers must be re-created on the machines the catalogs are placed on, which is not an answer I want to hear from AutoDESK.
    Thanks, Wayne

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    If you create a drawing template and incorporate all you system definitions into it you should be good. I work remotely and I am also in charge of my divisions CAD template and that's all i do...
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    Default For Other Machines

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    The best way I found to do is, although you said C:\ drive I guess you are not putting it on a network. If so you always copy over to jump keys and rename drive letters
    Do install files in default location
    1 way is to system definitions or create a layer file
    type un in command prompt and select layer tab
    specify the location of the layerkey file and set always import layerkey styles on first use and set as default.

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