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    Default Can Block colours correspond to different layer colours?

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    I've got a number of blocks which I'm using for a repetitive elevation of my building. However, I wish to show some of the blocks as progressively lighter grey lines so as to show the fact that some of these blocks are further back in elevation. I've therefore set up layers with the colour graduation and have been attempting to move the blocks onto layers with different colour properties, but this doesn't work as all the blocks stay black.

    So my question is can you adjust individual block instances to match the layer colour or would I have to explode them and create a new block on the layer?

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    if you have created your block on layer 0 and used "by layer" colour for them they should already behave the way you want. Alternatively if you have created them on layer 0 and assigned them "by block" colour you can assign the appropriate colour to the block to achieve the same result.

    If however you haven't used layer 0 to create your block you will need to recreate it. I wouldn't explode it though, BEDIT can be used to modify blocks without exploding them.
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