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    Default GATTE2 (Global Attribute Edit with Layout Selection)

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    GATTE 2
    Global Attribute Edit with Layout Selection

    This small program works just like AutoCAD's GATTE express tool, with the extra option of choosing which layouts to apply attribute changes to.

    There are two versions of this program:

    Version 1
    Command: GATTE2
    ..is made in lisp and is loaded using these instructions. It uses CAB's Layout Select program to select which layouts you want. (Make sure you download and place LayoutSelect.dcl in an AutoCAD search path or GATTE2 will not work!)

    Version 1 Required Files:
    • GATTE2.lsp
    • LayoutSelect.dcl
    Both in GATTE2 V1.zip.

    Version 2
    Command: G2N
    ..contains an optional
    Number Incrementer. It is a .NET program and can be loaded using the command NETLOAD; this can then be put into a lisp for startup if desired. Another way to load a .NET program is shown here.

    Version 2 Dialog Window

    Version 2 Required Files:
    • GATTE2.dll (in GATTE2 V2 dll.zip)
    Alternatively, compile version 2 using the source files in GATTE2 V2 CS Files.zip.

    Any comments are welcome, reply to the original thread.
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