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    Cool New PC- what do I need to run AutoCAD Architectural?

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    Can someone with knowledge on this please give me some input? I am buying a new computer and would like to know how much Ram and what type of video card I need to have AutoCAD to run effectively. I really don't know but would 4GB of RAM be sufficient? What about a 256MB Video Card, would that be adequate? Any input is appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Are we talking about full AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT?

    What other programs will be running on this computer?

    Will you be doing some gaming on this computer as well?

    What is your budget? $600? $1500? $2000 and up?

    Have you checked out what the minimum specifications for running AutoCAD/AutoCAD LT are at the AutoDesk website? You really should.

    -My recommendation is to buy for the future meaning get a 64-bit system not a 32-bit system.
    -Make your OS (operating system) Windows 7. The Home Premium edition should be fine but serious users might consider the Professional version.
    -4GB of the fastest RAM the motherboard can support should be the base configuration. If your budget can afford it then boost this to 8GB.
    -A 256MB or 512MB graphics card would be sufficient. If you're going to be using this computer mainly for AutoCAD consider an ATI FireGL card or an nVidia Quadro card.
    -The hard drive should have a minimum speed of 7200 rpm. Don't get a 5400 rpm hard drive (too slow).

    Are you buying this new rig or assembling it yourself?

    Will you be buying a new monitor too?
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    It will be full version of AutoCAD. The only other program I will be using will be Microsoft Office. Not into the games stuff. I will probably use my current monitor as it relatively new and of decent size (LCD). My budget is $1,500.00. If I can buy the 64 bit within my budget I will go for it. Not versatile enough to build my own PC but I sure would like to learn some day. Maybe my second career. Thanks for the reply and all your suggestions. Have a great weekend!

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    Im using a core i5 system with 8gb 1600mhz ram with a nvidia 460gtx. Set me back £700 and £300 for my monitor which is an asus 23.6inch 120hz. Dont seem to lag or have slow downs when i open mega complex 3d models.

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