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    Default Using VBA to export a Pdf File from AutoCAD

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    AutoCAD 2010

    Is there any VBA code to create a pdf file. Maybe using something like Exportpdf command
    in AutoCAD without the page setup menu. Some that could be put in a batch loop in VBA.
    Thank you,

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    Default If anyone is interested, this is the code I found.

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    Sub CreatePDF()

    Dim PtConfigs As AcadPlotConfigurations
    Dim PlotConfig As AcadPlotConfiguration
    Dim PtObj As AcadPlot
    Dim BackPlot As Variant

    'Create a new plot configuration with all needed parameters
    Set PtObj = ThisDrawing.Plot
    Set PtConfigs = ThisDrawing.PlotConfigurations
    'Add a new plot configuration
    PtConfigs.Add "PDF", False
    'The plot config you created become active
    Set PlotConfig = PtConfigs.Item("PDF")
    'Use this method to set the scale
    PlotConfig.StandardScale = acScaleToFit
    'Updates the plot

    'Here you specify the pc3 file you want to use
    PlotConfig.ConfigName = "DWG To PDF.pc3"
    'You can select the plot style table here
    PlotConfig.StyleSheet = ComboBox3.Value
    'PlotConfig.StyleSheet = "Acad.ctb"

    'Specifies whether or not to plot using the plot styles
    PlotConfig.PlotWithPlotStyles = True

    'If you are going to create pdf files in a batch mode,
    'I would recommend to turn off the BACKGROUNDPLOT system variable,
    'so autocad will not continue to do anything until finishes
    'the pdf creation
    BackPlot = ThisDrawing.GetVariable("BACKGROUNDPLOT")
    ThisDrawing.SetVariable "BACKGROUNDPLOT", 0
    'Updates the plot
    'Now you can use the PlotTofile method
    If PtObj.PlotToFile(Replace(ThisDrawing.FullName, "dwg", "pdf"), PlotConfig.ConfigName) Then
    MsgBox "PDF Was Created"
    MsgBox "PDF Creation Unsuccessful"
    End If
    'If you wish you can delete th plot configuration you created
    'programmatically, and set the 'BACKGROUNDPLOT' system variable
    'to its original status.
    Set PlotConfig = Nothing
    ThisDrawing.SetVariable "BACKGROUNDPLOT", BackPlot

    End Sub

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