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    Default this question i hope is not insulting .. new to the forum, simple question

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    Hi, im new to the forum

    Im very interested in learning solidworks and i was curious to have an experienced Solidworks persons opinion

    Im used to modeling and animating use Maya 7. so i understand modeling and animation aspects.

    Im interested in modeling/rigging and testing ( i was told you could stress test objects to their breaking point) various things such trailers, cargo trailers and various simple mechanical machines ...

    My question is ..
    Would i benefit more, learning Solidworks and modeling, rigging, testing and finding my solution and building requirements

    or .. use Maya 7 to do this.

    I'm new to Solidworks, but my understanding is that its purpose is for industrial use for building "blueprints" for objects .. while Maya is mainly for modeling/animations for television or movies/cartoons

    Thanks in advance for any information and it will be greatly appreciated.

    Ty in advance

    (also hope to continue learning CNC programming) .. but thats for another time

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    Welcome aboard Welder. First let me tell you that SolidWorks is a mechanical cad system. Its function isnt for producing blueprints but it does an excellent job of making engineering prints. It will let you design and validate complex mechanical assemblies including weldments. You can analyze the welds, do stress analysis on certain sections or entire assemblies. Mechanical simulations based on forces, torques, friction, gravity etc.

    You have it right that Maya is made for modeling/animation. These two software packages are two different worlds. I don't know if the data will transfer but you might be able to take your maya models into something like Algor(autodesk product).

    When you get into these different software packages you have to pay to play. A seat of SW with some basic simulation tools will probably run you 8k. If you want to add full simulation capabilities including thermal and external fluid flow you can expect to pay a lot more than that. I would guess another 15-20k. In the end it will depend on if this is a company purchase or a personal use thing. There are many cad packages out there with stress analysis capabilities and you might need to weigh your needs. If you are just dealing with simple trailers then SW might be over kill.

    Just so you know the full simulation packages would allow you to do aero simulations on trailers. Algor will also do this.
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