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    Default AEC objects not visible above 3'

    I can't see any of my AEC objects in plan view when they are placed above 3' or so in the Z direction. I'm sure there's a setting for this, but I can't seem to find it.

    I'm doing a 3D model of a house and I have the second floor walls placed above the WCS ground plane and I can only see them if I orbit off of the plan (top) view.

    Anyone know how to remedy this?

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    Ok, so I think this has something to do with the "cut plane" and/or the display manager.
    I've been googling this and searching old threads here and can't find an answer.
    I can set the cut plane so that it shows objects on the upper level, but then it may not show other things I want to show. I'm coming into Architecture 2011 from 2002 (regular) and I'm used to controlling what I want to see just "by layer". I'm also used to being able to see upper and lower levels at the same time to see their relationship to each other. I feel like I would like to just turn the cut plane thing off for right now, but I don't think that's possible. What's the purpose of the "display above" an "display below" numbers - they don't seem to do anything at all. It seems like a vertical range where things should show, but it doesn't seem to be acting like that. The default settings are: cut plane: 3'-6", display above range: 13', display below range: 0

    I have another 3D, two story drawing with the same cut plane settings and all the walls on all the levels show all the time. Is it a setting in the display manager?? If so what would be the setting that would allow things to show.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm very frustrated!

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