The point I was making was that if using an extended trial version of AutoCad
is what is required to get someone a drafting job using AutoCad, then good on
that person for trying to better themselves. Autodesk wins in the end as more
people are skilled in and use AutoCad, which in turn more companies then
That is what I believe. There are other software companies out there competing for business. If you make your software to hard too learn or too hard to get access to learn, people will go elsewhere.

I think Autodesk does a god job with their student version making it useless to someone that really needs the full version. They should make the watermark print across the whole page and not just around the boarder. The fact that the drawing will always display a warning that it was produced by an educational version will make you never want to send it to a client or a collaborator. If you receive a drawing and save it gets the permanent mark. It also contaminates permanently any drawing that x-refs it.

I just took a look on Ebay because I wanted to remember what legal disclaimer the sellers had. It is still being sold, and it has to do with the first sale doctrine.
I don't know if that applies to the student version only.