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    Default another Oleson village question

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    hello spen1973, Remark and Armydude2211 and anyone else whos done this, am starting to do this olesom village. the booklet says set the units to reflect decimals to hundreadth of a foot, and set direction to surveyor's unit.
    I set the type to decimal, presicion to 0.0000, type to surveyor's. then set limits to 0,0 and 10000000,10000000 for upper-r corner. But when i try to place a 113.66 feet line from the bench mark or from any point i can't see the line, it ask for the next point and the next point . i noticed that when i place a random line it shows 7 digits. do you know what am doing wrong? Please help Thank you.

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    The limits you said you set were 10 Million by 10 Million. In that case a line 113 units long would be practically invisible. I think you need to check your instructions again and verify what the limits should be set at. If you are using feet as the unit of measure, the limits you've set are half the size of the United States. 10 Million feet is nearly 1900 miles.
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