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    Default intersection snap not working!!!!

    ok so this is getting on my nerves!

    I have osnap turned on, i have intersection selected, the objects I'm drawing in are all in the same plane (z=0) and they are on the same layer..... so why when i draw a line with polar on it doesn't snap to a line!???

    I'm using acad lite 2011 on a heap of junk computer.....amd dual core 2gb ect.

    any clues? i can't figure it out, even with an extensive search on google..... it will snap to actual lines that intersect, it will snap to end points, midpoints ect. my pick box is set to 5 arrrggghhh! help please??

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    after much investigation i fixed the problem myself! the answer to the problem if anyone else has it, change the units in the units command to the most decimal places you can get, use qselect to select all the lines in the drawings, then go to your properties pane and check the z value, mine was 0.0000000004563 or sumfin like that which normal units rounds to 0! hahahaha FTW!

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