I am hoping that someone in the extensive AutoCAD community will know this.

Is there a 3D CAD software that will allow me to make a Victorian brick elevation that is relatively *easy to pick up*, intuitive and has an active forum? Not Sketchup or Bonzai3D.

I would be needing all the brick and mortar to be real geometry (not texture bump or greyscale displacement) in various placements and elaborate configurations typical of the Victorian era. Mirroring, arrays on a path, incremental Move and maybe even conversion of skp 3D Warehouse models seem like they would be features I'd need. Looking for free or paid software.

I have seen the sites and lists of software around the web already, but need a specific software recommendation from knowledgeable folks. I am a rank beginner, but have some 3D experience.

Here is what my end result should look like:


Here is a typical 3D detail (among thousands of variations) that must be evident in a zoom of the final result:


Thanks for your help.