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    Unhappy Revit MEP pipe up symbol

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    So, I do not have a lot of experience with Revit MEP but I can be dangerous with it. I headed a BIM coordination effort and we are creating documents to show how we were able to route piping, duct, etc. The problem I am having is with my roof plan. My pipe up symbols showing locations of V.T.R.'s and roof drains look not like they should. The attached picture shows what I mean. The V.T.R. looks right, but the roof drain does not. Any clues on how this can be fixed would be great as I can not find anything on Google. Also attached is a rendering (just cause I thought it was cool).

    Revit MEP 2011 pipe up problem.jpg5-11-11.jpg

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    Nice work!

    You want your roof drains to show the same as your VTRs? You may not have the RD's being cut by your view cut plane. It makes for bad looking renderings, but try lowering your view cut plane or drawing (incorrectly) your RD to be higher than your view cut plane.
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