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    Angry Realistic view in 3ds max 2012 problems.

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    Hi All

    I've just downloaded a trial of 3ds max 2012 but I have a problem with the realistic view port...
    If i draw a box, or any other shape it looks fine in the realistic view up until I click into the port then it all goes weird, the box starts to get chicken pox and goes all speckly... see image. why!!!.jpgAny idea why it would be doing this? when I first installed the program it was all ok, none of this chicken pox but all of a sudden its started doing it....
    I thought it could be something to do with my graphics card but then remembered it wasnt doing it when I first installed the program, have I pressed a key by accident to make it do this??

    any help would be great...

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    sorted!! it was my graphics card that was messing it all up.

    for anyone else that has this problem this is what I did to sort it

    go to Customize
    Preference settings
    at the very bottom there is a display drivers section, click choose driver and select direct3d then click ok

    the graphics card im using is the ATI FireGL V7350

    hope this helps



    If this is wrong and anyone knows of any other solution please let me know.

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    well thats not an issue just that the graphics card cant keep up with the new view port.
    with the new nitrous viewport you can actually simulate current scene lights in the view port.
    i cant go into details for the sake of time.. but just check out the manual and read about the new nitrous viewport.

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