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    Question Draw a Polyline with Civil 3D Cogo Point to nearest point (without Point Number)

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    Hi, I am userwith Lisp, sorry for my bad english (i speak french)
    I have a question with Cogo Point.

    I want to draw a Polyline From 891 to 90898 or 90898 to 891 the constant is the nearest point i can snap on it.

    I try to adapt a lisp code pol.lsp i found it there but i have 2 problem with this code.


    1. Its use ACAD points and i Use Civil 3D Cogo Points.

    2. It make the 3D polyline with the order of the insertion (ID) but i would like to make it from the nearest. Like my example image.

    For my Example : I take 90898 and draw a 3d polyline to 90897 (Remove 90898 from the usable nearest point and check near point, draw to 908 (Remove 90897) and check near point, draw to 90895 (Remove 90.....

    If someone know a exist code i can use. Or a way to adapt pol.lsp.

    Thx alot, its will save me LOT of time.

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