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    Default Creating padstone for beam to wall connection

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    Is there a quick way to create a beam to wall connection incorporating a predetermined pad-stone?

    At the moment I am cutting away the wall and creating a separate padstone. I am sure the genius that is Revit can create this automatically surely ???

    Any help, pointers would be greatly appreciated.



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    Default Bump

    I've come across this thread a number of times now - why is there still no answer to this? Well there is an answer, apparently it just still hasn't become public knowledge yet...

    Any thoughts guys? There's gotta be a decent beam+pad-stone family out there by now?

    Also while on the topic of families, what repositories are people using for family downloads? Google's mine (ha), but again there's gotta be a good website or two out there by now offering this stuff?

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    Necromancing is frowned upon here.

    There are a lot of resources for content but it depends on what you are looking for as to where to look. Just like AutoCAD blocks, some of it is good, some of it really bad, but unless you are getting it from a manufacturer, it probably won't be exactly what you are looking for. Even manufacturer's families can vary in quality. Some of the older stuff is real carpy. From what I've seen, most places create their own standard content to suit their needs rather than trying to gather it from a variety of sources.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DWG Destroyer View Post
    Any thoughts guys? There's gotta be a decent beam+pad-stone family out there by now?
    Since a Beam is a Loadable Family, I don't see why someone couldn't add a nested padstone Family and set it up to work in the manner you would need. Shouldn't be that difficult.
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