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    Default Surface Grid Labels

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    Theres probably a simple answer to this but I have had not luck finding it. I am using Civil 3D 2011 Metric.
    I have created a 3D surface and have added Surface Grid Labels (Spot Levels) to it. These are accurate to 10mm. Is there any way to make them accurate to 1mm? I assume I need to change the tolerance?


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    When you define the labels, there should be a pane on the right side with some formatting language. You can't edit the formatting directly, but you can change the parameters in the left pane. You then highlight the label on the right side and press the arrow that points right, which replaces the old formatting with the new formatting. It took me much too long to figure that one out, because it's not obvious.

    To be a bit more specific, there should be a Precision parameter for the label, and its value should now be 10. Change it to 1, highlight the old label format, and update it.

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    Here's an image of what CyberAngel was talking about... In your Label Style, go into the Contents (indicated by the 1 in the image), adjust the Precision (2), and make sure to hit the rightward-pointing arrow (3). This last step is the one that lots of people forget... I've been known to forget it myself.

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