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    Default Dynamic Block stretch and array

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    Hi. In the attached dwg, I have a dynamic block "Platform" which is used several times. I have an adjustable length, with the array set to repeat the toggles (end view of 2x4) every 2', not including the last 6". That works perfectly, except one thing. "Distance1" is the distance of the parameter, because this was the only way that I found to stop the array from showing up within 6" of the last toggle. When I insert "Platform," and click the arrow to stretch it, I can type in the distance desired minus 6", and I'll get the correct length of platform. However, I'd like to be able to type in the actual length, and have the array work appropriately (the same way it does now).

    Then, I'd like to create a custom toolbar that has a button to click which will insert this platform and ask me what the length of the platform should be (the entire distance). After specifying an insertion point, the block will insert at the correct length, with the appropriate toggles.

    Here's what I'd like to do with it: using datalink, I'd like to count the following: how many copies of each length of platform is in the drawing, with toggle count and length of platform specified. I have already figured out the datalink to get the value of "Distance1", it's only the issue with the toggle count that I'm trying to figure out.

    I understand that this is a tall order. If someone could help me along the right path to figuring this out, that'd be great. Thanks!
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