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    Default "The constraint cannot be applied. The two objects must reside in the same plane"

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    Hi there,
    When adding constrains in dynamic block I do get error: "The constraint cannot be applied. The two objects must reside in the same plane".
    How could I get both of the objects on the same plane? Don't have a lot of experience whit AutoCad 3d though...

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    I think the solution to your problem might be burried in here somewhere
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    Although some 3D is possible, Dynamic Blocks are currently only supposed to be 2D, so all of your block objects are probably supposed to be on the same plane anyway. The easiest way to find objects that are inadvertently located above or below the XY plane is to use the Viewcube to roll to FRONT, BACK or one of the side views. In many cases, you can just select the errant object and move it back to zero elevation (Z=0) in the Properties Palette.

    If you have any trouble, just post the drawing/block here.

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