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    Re: "DONT DO THAT" I did follow it with an emoticon, but perhaps it didn't convey the message I intended.

    Exploding blocks & hatches, properties overrides, drawing on Layer 0 or Defpoints, they're all common "Donts" yet all of use have probably done at least some of them in defiance of the generally accepted best practices. I may be mistaken, but I didn't get the impression the OP was familiar with the various options, thus the question, and my response that the most obvious option is the most "permanent" change and offers the least flexibilty. Once you change hundreds of layer properties, there's no easy way to restore them. That may be fine if you're the last guy that's going to work on the drawing, but if it has to go back to whoever designed the stuff on all those "background" layers, they're not going to be too happy. I used to do exactly what you described, but I haven't done it since I discovered VP overrides. Also, did mention LayerStates as another option, and I'd be interested to know why that option wouldn't also work for you, since the only thing it really does is save a snapshot of the Layer settings at any given time.

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    The files I'm referring to are used as backgrounds and XREFd into many other files.
    Drafting is a breeze.

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    Finally got to check this post. Thanks everyone! You offered some great information! I think for what I'm doing I will select multiple layers at once in the layer states manager and change all colors to grey, then print my drawing to PDF or plot it. Then I can just hit the undo command and not save the drawing so that it affects everyone. My solution I went with initially was to make multiple drawings but now that I have to make changes I can see what a pain this will be. So I've decided to go with the aformentioned solution.

    I am interested in changing the ways the layers appear in a viewport though. I have used viewports before to hide layers but I didn't know I could change the way that layers appear in a viewport. How do you do this?

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