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    Default Alternative customisation/development tools

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    The last time I wrote scripts for Acad was 15 years ago using lisp / Diesel.
    I now have the urge to re kindle this pastime.

    My problem is that since the early days a number of other development tools have been developed and I would appreciate some feedback from the forum to the pro and cons.

    Over the last 10 years I have developed various applications using VBA for MSOffice (Excel mainly). This naturally steers me towards the VB option BUt will this be less powerful, slower etc than other tools available ie visual lisp or C#.

    The old lisp was responsible for most of my hair making an early exit from my head, how much time I spent counting brackets I dread to think.

    The application I want to develop is for an existing modular roofing system. The app will present the user with a UI, take the input, perform structural calculations and assemble predefined 3d blocks together to form a 3D view of the 'designed' roof, complete with schematic substructure, BOM weights etc.

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    VBA is on the way out loaded 2012 64bit and my vba's don't work (loaded enabler) rather than pull hair out, I am converting back to VL. Only real suggestion would be if your doing a real big suite of options think about using a library of predefined functions this makes keeping standards easier and saves copying lots of common code into programs.
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