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    Default Fully Terminating a lisp callout in a macro.

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    Is there a way to fully teminate a lisp called up in a macro so I can add more commands after.

    ^C^C-layer;u;0;;_matchatts (I want to terminate _matchatts fully and write more code here).
    Usually, just a ; or ^C^C will work, but not in this case.
    I believe it is because the "matchatts: lisp is involving user inputs with a dialog box and selections.
    I also tried adding a / for user input, but that didn't seem to work either because the amount of user inputs in the "matchatts" lisp varies each time depending on the application.

    For Info.....Description of attached matchatts lisp: -

    Creates a variable sized dialog box with attribute tagstrings from the
    the Source Attribute. The user selects the values they want to match
    and then selects blocks withe same name as the source block and the
    selected attributes will be changed to match the source attribute.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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