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    Default Buttons with Cloud images on new install

    I have had MEP2012 on my machine for a while now and finally got around to updating my other CAD people with it. I did this yesterday. Now this morning, one of the users has the buttons on the ribbon show up as the all too familiar cloud with a question mark. This is on a Ribbon panel that is custom. But when i get into my ACAD, it's fine which tells me it's a localized issue on his machine. It probably lost the path to some of the images. Support once told me most of the time, you can delete the MNR file for the CUI and restart ACAD. This has always worked for me. But not in this case.

    So, my question is, do I need to get on his machine and make the main CUI as his custom one (so it can be edited) and re-path each icon? Or is there something I'm missing?

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    Nevermind, I fixed this. Apparently 2012 doesn't copy over the support paths from 2010 so I reset all of them and it's all good

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