I'm using a VLISP program to generate some drawings. That is to say that absolutely no "user input" is allowed from the moment the first line goes in until it saves the file with a new name under a different directory. The process does open up a template where we have dimstyles and textstyles already defined. But none of them are annotative.

In an effort to make this process more up-to-date, I'm attempting to change all the text and dimension styles to be annotative.

There are three layout tabs in this drawing file. One for 11x17 with a viewport set at 1:16 scale, one 17x22 with a viewport set at 1" = 1'-0" scale and one 24x36 with a viewport set at 1:8 scale. I need all the objects in model space to show up in each viewport with the text and dimensions using the annotative feature so the will all have the same size text height of 1/8".

As I experiement with this, I find that I can set the Annoscale for the model at say 1:16. Then all theannotative dimensions and text created by the VLISP code have that annotative scale built-in by default. What I need is for them to also have the other two annotative scales attached to them so they will show up in all the viewports, not just the first one on the 11x17 tab which is set a 1:16 scale. Of course I can manually add these annoscales to the text and dimensions, but then that totally defeats the purpose of the automated drawing process.

I've toyed around with AnnoAutoScale but that again is a manual process and it only add the annoscales when I change the model space annoscale. I guess that perhaps after everything is drawn I could go a have the VLISP code CANNOSCALE the model space two more times for the other two annoscales. My thinking is that would automatically add the annoscales to all annotative objects in the model and thus they would then appear in the viewports. This sounds tricky and I'll see if I can give it go next. But if anyone has another idea, I'm all ears.